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Tag: Property Taxes

Posted on 10/25/2023
How to find the ad valorem tax of your property
Latin for "according to value," the term "ad valorem" is...
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Posted on 09/13/2023
What to know about property taxes after purchasing a home
Millions of homeowners dedicate their income to mortgage...
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Posted on 08/09/2023
Tax facts: Property tax late fees & more
Like most recurring expenses, property taxes have late...
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Posted on 03/17/2022
A homeowner's guide to tax rolls
Tax roll is a term you may have encountered when figuring out your property taxes. But what exactly is a tax roll, and why does it matter to the average homeowner? If you're wondering how this term factors in to your situation and real estate overall, here is a short guide to help: What are tax rolls? A...
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